Horse Safaris

How do we get from the airport to Alpine Horse Safaris?

  • Combined Shuttles will pick you up from Christchurch airport and deliver you to Alpine Horse Safaris. The day after the trip ends the shuttle will deliver you back to Christchurch airport.


Can I hire a sleeping bag?

  • No, not anymore.


Do we have cellphone coverage?

  • No cellphone coverage. We carry a satellite phone and a located beacon with us.


What type of boots do I need?

  • You need strong, sturdy, tramping/hiking boots.


Do I need my own rain gear?

  • If you have good waterproof gear, bring it. We do not supply wet weather gear.


How much alcohol can I order?

  • You can order as much as you like. We don’t carry glass bottles, but decanter all spirits in plastic bottles.


Can I give my alcohol order to Alpine Horse Safaris to purchase?

  • Yes, Jenny will need the order 2 weeks before the safari starts. This will enable her to pack the boxes prior to you arrival.


Do you have a weight limit?

  • Yes, we do have a weight limit of 120 kg, or BMI less than 30 If you have any queries about you height and weight, please contact us.


Am I involved in the daily work?

  • Yes you will be involved in the daily work, as saddling horses, helping with packing the horses and daily tasks in the hut. Please make sure you read our terms and conditions, before you do your booking.


Riding Ability 

  • Everyone has a different point of view on their riding ability. We will try to explain what we think are the differences. Please be honest to yourself, it will help you and us to find the best horse for you. We don’t care how good you can ride, we appreciate honesty and our horses do too.

            Novice: never been on a horse, up to people who can handle a trot or canter
            Intermediate: can trot and canter on their own, mount a horse from the ground
            Experience: years and years of horse riding experience