Horse Safaris

A few pointers you should know before you book


• Riding with us is an adventure, experience and you will be involved in the daily work on the trip. No worries we will show you what to do and will explain to you as much as we can. If you are a rider you will help us in the mornings getting the horses ready and will also be asked to help with the free running packhorses and loose horses. That means leading and keeping them in order when needed. If you are not a rider, there are plenty of other jobs to do, as helping in the kitchen, doing dishes and cleaning the huts in the morning before we leave.

• We would like to make clear that you MUST be able to walk downhill. Everything we ride up, we lead the horses down. You must be able to walk downhill, on running shingle and lead your horse at the same time. Good hips, knees and ankles are necessary. If you are concerned about you level of fitness, please give us a call and we can discuss further on the phone.

• Riding abilities Everyone has a different point of view on their riding ability. We will try to explain what we think are the differences. Please be honest to yourself, it will help you and us to find the best horse for you. We don’t care how good you can ride, we appreciated honesty and our horses too.

Novice: never been on a horse, up to people who can handle a trot or canter

Intermediate: can trot and canter on their own, mount a horse from the ground

Experience: years and years of horse riding experience

• Please read our cancellation policy!!