Horse Safaris

Meet Our Horses

Meet our horsesHere is a small selection of some of our horses who accompany us on our New Zealand horse trek adventures, and a quick insight into their personalities. On our safaris, we see a wide multitude of native plants, bushes, and trees. It is this close proximity to nature that has prompted us to name our horses after such native plants, although some names are not actually featured on our rides. Plants found within Waitohi Downs that we have named horses after include Flax, Matagouri, Tauwhini, Manuka, Kanuka, Tussock and Fern.

Riding Horses


Little Matty will look after anyone like a perfect gentleman, and who can help but fall for that quivering bottom lip?!


One of the ‘black’ horses given to more experienced riders, Bracken is responsive, a real fast walker and a pleasure to ride on a horse trek.


Another of the ‘black’ horses, Birch is like a machine – he will win every walking race by miles. He is a top class stock horse, climbing any hill in seconds.


He is often known as The Clown but despite his clown-like antics, Rimu will take care of his rider and deliver them at the end of the horse trek as good as new.


The perfect ladies horse, little Fern is fast-walking and loves to be at the front.

Pack Horses


Better known as Jumbo, this guy keeps an eye on the other horses only allowing them to pass him if they have his permission. A real character, and great fun to watch.


Although not related to Jumbo, these two giants look like brothers and are the best of mates. One is never far away from the other, and without fail, they’ll look after each other through thick and thin. Also known as Cuddles.


Standing at 17.1 hh, Rata is the biggest of all our horses. She effortlessly carries the swags on our trips, but also is a foolhardy ride for even the most nervous beginner.


Pack horse number one, Tussock will look after his load as if it were his own, and check that the others are all doing their jobs properly too. Also used as a top riding horse.

Young Horses


One of the sweetest horses, she loves being with people and getting lots of attention, an upcoming horse that will find a place in everyone’s heart.


Boss of the younger horses, Raupo is becoming one of the most reliable of them all, soon to be another Old Faithful.


More fondly known as Cheeky, she is little and very friendly, and she will always poke her nose in to be part of the action.